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Baroude en Australia - The Grampians

Tuesday 20 January 2004, by Marieve

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> January 2004 - Baroude in Australia : Author : Marieve

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25 février – The Grampians

February 25 - THE GRAMPIANS
Another jaunt organized for tourists. I would less suggest this one though… unless you go for more than a day and you do some camping there. The Grampians are another great mountain range that we though was not too far from Melbourne… we were expecting a great day full of adventures and discoveries… but the mountains are so far, after 3 hours riding we stopped to watch a little cascade, then we headed for another hour until we reached the viewpoint where we had only half an hour to enjoy the view! That was it, that was the day!

The Grampians

On the other hand, it truly was a spectacular view. Giant mountains that we watch from a high viewpoint. We could see the endless horizon, lakes, prairies, bushes, we felt like giants walking over the lands. We were between earth and sky and were swinging in the emptiness above green foams.

Week of March 1st
- It’s crazy how many Asiatic students there are here!!
This week it’s the MoombaWaterFest in Melbourne. The city is on party! Fun fairs, bath tub races on the river, water skiing shows, light show on the river by night, Birdman contest (so funny!) it looks like the old vaudeville movies! Contestants throw themselves in the water with their own home-made engines!

Autumn is coming in Australia… the temperature is around 25.

Week of March 8th
- This week’s theme: let’s discover the gardens and parks of Melbourne by bike! The Royal Botanic Garden is just wonderful. We really feel like we’re elsewhere, not in the city. It’s big, it’s all in relief, there is a sent garden filled with special herbs and plants with special odors.
Albert Park though is not the same at all. Yes there is a big lake in the center of the park where you can have a chat with huge black doves but otherwise it’s more a “sports site”. That’s where the F1 is going on in Melbourne.

12 march :

Philip Island. Let’s go see the penguins! We got away, Sarah and me for a touristic day. Departure early in the morning from Melbourne. First stop: in a vineyard where we had to taste a vine and got a little lunch. Second stop: Rescued animal refuge where I had the chance to take in my arms and caress a baby wombat!!!! I was so happy! The wombat is a marsupial like his cousin koala. Sometimes it happens that a wombat mom gets hit by a car on the road and dies. But it happens that the baby she’s keeping in her pouch is still living and the sanctuaries take those babies to rescue them.

We then have dinner facing the setting sun on the bay and watching at huge waves. The little penguins spend the day at large fishing and relaxing on the waters, taking sun. When they come back at the end of the day to reach their babies for the night, that’s when we can see them. We can observe them quietly coming out of the water in little groups, waiting one at one for each others and making sure everyone’s back safely. They look like little fellows!

week of 15 march

Williamstown: a nice day, we almost always have good weather, even if It’s fresher than at the beginning. We take the ferry in Melbourne, ride on the Yarra river until the end of it, giving in Hobsons Bay. On the other side of St-Kilda beach is a nice harbour called Williamstown. We took a walk on the shores where we rubbed shoulders with pelicans and jellyfishes .

Dandenong Ranges: An hour and a half ride by train. Dandenong Ranges is a Victorian mountain chain. We visited the William rickets Sanctuary: completely crazy! This artist gave his life to art, traveling in India and through the all Australia, living with aborigines and adopting their spirituality and love for nature. His sculptures are trapped in big rocks and trees, giving them a life. Like if the trees and rocks were changing in men and angels… it was deep, theatrical and mystic…

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