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Baroude in Australia 1ere

Sunday 4 January 2004, by Marieve

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> January 2004 - Baroude in Australia : Author : Marieve

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Jan. 12. 2004 – Departure for ‘’The land Down Under’’
After a memorable night of farewells at Taverna bar and a touching departure at the airport with our parents, we were leaving Montreal and its wild snow on Cathay Pacific flights for our grand Journey towards the hot sun of Australia!
Toronto-Vancouver-Hong-Kong (+/- 22hrs flight)

Hong-Kong – we really have an illusion of falling into the waters of the sea. The airport is near the shore, hidden in the mountains and the landing strip rises from the salted mists at the very last minute! We took five hours to walk and hang a little bit in the streets and alleys of HongKong. We strolled around the endless buildings and tours. The perspective in the city is just incredible. The relief, the mounts all around the city, the sloping streets, the heights, it’s all full of lodging tours touching the sky! It’s like if they all had the heads in the clouds! Oppositely to what I expected, Hong-Kong is modern (this I knew) but very clean, coloured and pretty. Even buildings are coloured, I saw a pink lodging tour!!

MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia – 10hr flight
Arrival on Jan. 15. 2004

That’s it! We’re there! We get to what will be our new adoptive city for the next two months. First anti-choc: God it looks like Montreal! So for the disorientation, we’ll forget that! Streets are linear, like in Montreal, architecture is also similar. We feel the historical British influence. Sarah, (Danny’s brother’s friend) will be our guide and hostess for our journey in Melbourne. She comes to get us at the airport and brings us to our Youth Hostel. We had reserved for two nights from Montreal, thinking we would find an apartment and a work within the first days in Melbourne… the development was going to be way different from what we had expected.

We briefly visit the neighbourhood around our hostel but we are to much tired. 30 Hours of flight on three days is killing! The scenery looks alike an hold western movie set-up! Little Victorian houses with laces on their roofs and windows, pretty little fences around the gardens give the houses a ‘’saloon’’ look.

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