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Baroude in Australia 2eme

Monday 5 January 2004, by Marieve

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> January 2004 - Baroude in Australia : Author : Marieve

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A walk at the Victoria Market (big outer-inter store where you can get local foods, arts, decoration…) where we discover the aboriginal arts. We then discover a new animal; Mr. Possum! We were walking in a park, the night was getting us slowly when straight ahead two big eyes were staring at us. That big rat, well, cuter than a rat, that big hairy thing with a kind attitude was waiting for us to give him food, I guess.

Our hostel (Chapman Gardens) is clean, quiet, cool. There we can find adds about jobs, apartments, rooms to rent, activities for tourists. The attendants are really nice and comprehensive. In Melbourne (to be pronounced with the Australian accent: ‘’Melbeuuun’’) the public transport is very good. The network is well developed and there are trams, buses, city train and national trains.
After a good night of deep sleep and our spirits recovered (with tiredness and weariness and preoccupations our spirits (yes mine was worst!) were getting nervous and hot-tempered! We went with Sarah for the weekend to her parent’s domain in the bush lands.

Paradise! It really feels like paradise! We get by train to MetCalfe (near

Kyneton) in the bushlands, about 2 hrs north of Melbourne. Cockatoos, sheeps, and Cherry, the old lady mare are welcoming us in the gardens. We have to be careful, snakes can appear from everywhere in the bushes. A big hole on the porch proves it; Daddy Neville had to shot one of them once. The trick is to make heavy steps on the grounds while walking. A little pond in the middle of the site, cute mini frogs come on my fingers, a vineyard, enormous gum trees and eucalyptuses, a land covered by the red earth of Australia, looking very dry and arid but still very fertile. The season is dry, that’s all. Here, it’s a total experience for the ears, the nose, the eyes, my senses are requested at their maximum to see, smell, and listen to all the natural beauties… 80 hilly acres.
The charming house has its story: Neville Day, Sarah’s father, bought it in the countries, had it cut in two pieces, brought it in his domain in the bushlands and put back the pieces together to make a delicious home where good food, love and peace live. We walk in the bushes on the next morning, listening to Sarah’s stories and explanations of her environment when suddenly…. Guess what? Yesssss, I can die RIGHT now! On the other end of the grapes vines, a little kangaroo family! Papa Kangaroo, Mama Kangaroo and their little baby kangaroo following! Cool!
We take the day to waddle in the brooks and the dry streams, we swim and bath in an ancient quarry beside cows and sheeps. The ravines all around us are melting in reds and oranges, in verdigris and greens… It’s very romantic, the set up is perfect for this pleasant afternoon in the nature. This nature for us yet not known, to discover its flora, its gigantic trees, its odours mixed with the sounds of the birds everywhere…

We have difficulties to catch our time again. The time lag is terrible. At least, we had this wonderful weekend to relax and enjoy the peace of a rest in the nature. We are 15 hours ahead Montreal! A day before! During the first week, we had to have naps every day in the after noon. Danny is very stressed with the searches of an apartment and a job. For myself, I feel more lazy and lay my adventure on destiny. I prefer taking hours walking and discovering my new city.
I already feel home at Melbourne and I can feel the people. Everybody is generally nice and king with us and between them. Melbourians are very sympathetic.

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