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Baroude in Australia 4eme

Saturday 10 January 2004, by Marieve

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> January 2004 - Baroude in Australia : Author : Marieve

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Week of Jan.26

Australia Day! Yes! It’s the national day of Australians and on every radio we can hear the ‘’Men at work’’ song ‘’I come from the land down under’’! A day to walk on by and visit all attractions in the streets and parks. Discovering ‘’the Arts Center’’ where a artCraft bazaar, the Sunday Market, is on every weekend. That’s where I got my ‘’bush man’’ hat. It will follow me for the rest of the trip. There were shows all over and wonderful fireworks at night on the Yarra River. Melbourne is separated by this river that flows through Port Philips Bay. A Cycle track is following her from my house to the city Centre. I take it every day and every morning I can see on this river the big black swans with their babies, the canoeists rowing beside the cockatoos and the little multicoloured parrots.

Danny finally found himself a job! He’ll be working as a cook at Feddish restaurant. It’s new, it’s cool, a bit expensive but really In.
It’s just in the middle of the Federation Square where all the action takes on. It’s just ahead of the Flinders Street Station where all the trams converge and is the central point for the transports. When there is a manif, it’s the departure point, when there’s a festival, the action is in this centre. There is also a big exterior screen showing all the tennis games, the F1 Races, the actual news and other shows. Its architecture is very particular and very debated. The Federation Square Building includes museums, stores, restaurants and bars and offices.

We spent the last weekend of January in the Rain Forest. How Majestic and magnificent. These hundred-year-old trees, standing up like soldiers of the nature touching the clouds. What brings a fairy touch to that forest is that there are no broad-leaved trees or conifer and so we can see through the forest into the deep bluish fog. The sun rays penetrate like giant magic sticks into the mist.
We slept in a camp installed to defend the major forest cuttings. Because of Sarah’s interests and activism, we participated with her and her friends to this celebration of life for the forest and saved her! We saved this lovely, magical, soft forest filled with little elves and other fairies. It’s blue, it’s fresh, it’s humid and relaxing for the lungs. We awaked with the Kookaburras songs! A really charming week-end!

Week of february 2

A quiet week although we had some little adventures. I spent an evening watching the sun go down on the beach at St-Kilda, it disappeared behind a big cargo. When it’s windy, the bay is full of windsurfers!

I spend most of the time by myself. Danny is working a lot and I take strolls all day long when I don’t do house-cleanings or baby-sitting. On the other day I went to the Melbourne Aquarium. Wow! I wasn’t expecting such a journey. We keep thinking that these “con games” are only for non informed tourists and are not worth the price but no…. it was lovely! There was not much people so I had time to look what ever I wanted for how long I desired. I watched in silence the slow waltz of the clear medusas. The were dancing like ballerinas and were reflecting the lights through their flesh… I let myself cradle by the mermaids singing, got tickled by caress of an enormous orange coloured fish, said hello to Nemo (who had found his daddy) and smiled to Misses Ray that was passing over me by the glass bridge. Mr Shark did try to give me a smile but strangely I wasn’t able to return his favour… I was hypnotized by his penetrating stare. Deep moment…


Probably the most special and splendid day of the first part of our trip. A really good journey to suggest. You have to see it you have to do it! We leave Melbourne early in the morning with a little tourist bus. It costs 65$. We follow the South coast from Geelong to Port Campbell. The road goes along the cliffs and curves and we come back by the bushes from Colac and Winchelsea. On the morning, it was so stunning to look at the ocean at our feet, breaking against the red rocks. The big turquoise waves and the green and deep blue foams crashing onto the ochre sands. The little van goes so close to the cliff it gives the impression to fly over the sea…

First stop: Bells Beach: where they shot the last scene of Point Break, starring my beautiful Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. That’s where are the surfers! Again, we had the chance to observe free and wild kangaroos, koalas in eucalyptus trees, multicoloured parrots. At Apollo Bay it was like a dream! I felt I was the hero of “Blue Lagoon” The clearness of the waters, the perfect blue, the perfect temperature and the perfect waves! We had water up to our neck and could still see our toes. We were the only who had brought our bathing suits. We saved time at lunch break because we had our lunch and didn’t have to go in the restaurants. So we took time to go in the sea and it was worth it!

We then take ahead to the 12 Apostles. 12 Giant Rocks formed by the erosion through the millenniums. The Loch Ard Gorge, just beside was once a romantic cave where two castaways got rescued.
On our way back, we pass by the Victorian countries full of wheat fields and little forests. Cows, sheeps, llamas and eagles …

February 13, Mildura, Grape Picking

Time for me to leave Danny for a little while in Melbourne and give us a little “couple vacation”. I also need to make a little money, I then leave Melbourne for Mildura to do some grape picking. I take a night ride by bus for 10 hours up north. It’s reaaaaally hot up here! 46 degrees in the shade. It was difficult for me. I was supposed to work there for 2 weeks and I finally came back after 5 days!!! I’m a looser I know or I’m not anymore as toff as I use to be!! But I really had a great pleasure to discover this job and environment. The lady (the boss) was so nice with me, Janet. Ok, it only paid .50$ a bucket but I was treated like a princess! I was the only girl on 6 employees. I was working with 5 other guys. 2 of theme were “local jerks” but 2 others were really nice scots and there was another local one, a bit weard but still very gentil. On 6 persons, I still was the fourth best one! Not that bad! I was living in a little house that the owner was renting to a nice couple of friends. For the employees we had our barn with a semi-outside shower, television, fridge, etc.

The day started around 6h00-6h30, we stopped around 9h30 for the morning tea (the have this habit coming from the British) and we were working as we could depending of the temperature and our rhythm. It was almost impossible to work between 11h30 and 15h00 because of the high heat. ( I almost past out twice!) So we had naps in the afternoon. While I was working, my head in the vines, the spiders coming into my face (spiders are my phobia), my eyes looking at some pelican flights, the swamps not far away , a landscape so incredible… the mornings were pink, the sky was so big but looked so close to me…

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