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Baroude in Australia 6 part - Sydney

Sunday 25 January 2004, by Marieve

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> January 2004 - Baroude in Australia : Author : Marieve

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For this second part of the travel, we had reserved a bus pass with a company riding through out Australia. We chose a route starting in Melbourne, ending in Cairns. For a fixed amount we could stop and leave from any city situated between the departure point and the final one. It all had to be done within a month and always in the same way.

March 25: Departure from Melbourne, March 26 Arrival in Sydney
- That’s it! Adios Melbourne, Au revoir my lovely adoptive city. Au revoir Anthony, Sarah, Christine and Neville. I think it was time though… Tensions were beginning to be felt, above all between Sarah and me. Too much is like not enough! It’s another departure, another adventure beginning, the following episode…the East Coast!
It all starts in Sydney, after an overnight ride by bus, where we meet Joe, Danny’s friend coming from Montreal, staying in Sydney for studies (wind Power) during 4 years!

Sydney: (my opinion) less lovely than Melbourne… much a business city, less clean, more cosmopolitan. I don’t feel as much secure as I felt in Melbourne. There are more homeless people here, more prostitution, junkies, things we didn’t see much in Melbourne. But what a sight!!! Just arriving to get to Joe’s apartment we could see the bay, the bridge, boats and big ships on the water! There is a military base just beside his house. It’s all in relief , I wouldn’t want to be by bicycle here!

Day 1 in Sydney: we jump on the tram, get to Circular Station, the train gets out of the tunnel and.. wow! Yes it’s there just affront ; the Opera House! The Harbour Bridge! Like in the movies! There are millions of littles boats, sailing yachts, liners and cruise boats. We take a ferry for Manly Beach, just on the other side of the Bay, about 20 minutes from the Opera House. Once we get there, one one side we leave the bay, we walk about 500 meters and bang! On the other side, the ocean! Waves are so crazy it’s dangerous to go swimming. So, we take the day to relax on the beach and do some monokini!

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