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Baroude in Australia - "Ayers Rock"

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Marieve

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> January 2004 - Baroude in Australia : Author : Marieve

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Termitiere géante

eing at Alice Springs, we get prepared for getting up (again) really early the next morning. We’re taking another ride in the desert to get to Uluru (aboriginal name for Ayes Rock). This city is a little more dangerous than all the others we had to visit in our trip. (some told us the worst one is Adelaide, it’s not in our plans to go there anyway!) More criminality, more alcoholism, more drugs. Aboriginals get out of their communities sometimes after having succumbed to the White’s vices. Alcohol being forbidden among their communities, they have to leave their families and friends if they fail to keep out of this curse. Alice Springs being the nearest city in the center, that’s why we can find lots of homeless people and alcoholics.

kings Canyon

April 20-21-22
- Kings Canyon was our first destination before heading to the big red rock. A hard and long walk of 3 hours in the sun to reach the upper part of it. Millions of years ago it was the ocean bottom!
We stopped to taste a delightful Whitchetty Grup! A huge white worm found in the roots of a bush tree. For the aboriginals, eaten fresh and uncooked is a sweetmeat!

Ayers Rock was just splendid! When the sun rises on it and gives it all its reddish color, when it comes out of the night like a giant mass coming out of the ground in the middle of nothing. Ayers rock is the biggest rock on the world (in one piece). And it’s only 5% of the total mass that we see. The rest is under the soil. The rock being situated on a sacred aboriginal territory, there are places around it we can touch or even photograph. It takes about 2 hours walking all around it.


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Australie vu du CielThe Olgas is a site like the Ayers Rock but instead of being one single giant rock, the Olgas are various rocks close together. It was once one only rock like Uluru (once meaning millions of years ago) but with time got separated by erosion. We penetrated towards it in openings. It looked like if we were walking on Mars!
After another night under the stars and visits of wonderful sites, we crossed the all Australia in the sky! We flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne where we had to take our fly back to Montreal 3 days later… We had seen the desert and the bushes by coach, we then saw everything by plane. It was…..gorgeous. magnificient. To see all the colors of the Earth changing slowly as we heading south. To see the ancient lakes forming craters in the soil, others, still full, so clear we could see the bottom from the air! I was really lucky to take the plane by day and to enjoy the sight of all these landscapes. Back in Melbourne, we weren’t happy anymore. We knew everything was over, this adventure, these experiences, this dream trip, and our special relation…
We had lunch for a last time with friends we had in Melbourne, we finally tasted kangaroo for dinner in a restaurant, just the two of us. (red meat really tasty but not as exotic as we expected it)
The last night was full of emotions… for the first time of my life I was scared of taking a plane… in fact, I think I was afraid of the return home, the return to my normal life. I was right.

The way back (Hong-Kong- Vancouver – Montreal) took 2 days. In the night of the 26th to 27th a was home. I felt completely empty. At least one week had past before I could sleep a complete night and realize I was back.

That was up to now, the greatest trip of my life!
But it’s not over!!

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