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Baroude in Australie 8 part - Hervey Bay

Wednesday 4 February 2004, by Marieve

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> January 2004 - Baroude in Australia : Author : Marieve

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April 5th – Hervey Bay

Little cute city where we stop to prepare ourselves for a 3 days trip on the sandy “Fraser Island”. We are matched with 7 other persons with who we’ll be driving in a huge 4x4 on the beaches of the island. The package deal includes a night in a hostel at Hervey Bay, 3 days of camping and riding on the sand shores (gaz and insurances included), then a last night at Hervey Bay.

We don’t approve all the preparations because we are matched with some young daddy’s boys and little bitches spending mommy’s card and money drinking and buying stuff, not enjoying the great landscapes and adventures they’re living. But… let’s think positive... even so, we really had a good time!

Departure goes on calmly on the next morning. Fraser Island is the biggest sands Island (25km x 122km) and is a world-wide heritage. It’s a paradise full of forests, dunes, sedimentary orange sands. The water is so crazy on the shores, it’s forbidden to go swim. Apparently there are also lots of sharks there!
We drive on the shores and have to respect the driving hours because of the tide; it can take our car in the sea! It once happened!

When we get to a high point at the east coast of the Island, I really loose my breath! A whirl of white foams and mortal strong currents breaking at my feet … 200 feet below! We saw lots of dingoes (cute but dangerous!) We had a swim in the Champain Pools, some basins separated from the sea by rocks. We also stopped at the Mackenzie Lake; THE attraction of the Island… a pure lake a the top of a mountain, no life in it, no plant, no fish… only water and sand… imagine the sight when I opened my eyes in its waters… a perfect gradation of blues and turquoises becoming darker and darker to the blackness of the center.

Nights are calm at Fraser Island. We make a fire on the sand shore, we avoid the big black snake passing almost between our toes, we avoid then the dingo waiting for us just beside our tent, woouuhhaaa we got really scared but with a little drop to much, everything seems funnier!

Back to Hervey Bay we visited the “Shark killer” curious museum and relaxed on the beach, picking up shells and little rocks.

April 11 – Airlie Beach

After a problematic overnight bus ride (late bus with mechanical and ventilation problems!) up to Mackay and a day in this little borring city (a stop between the GoldCoast and the Sunshine Coast) (not much to see except for the Sugar Cane fields, the banana and oranges fields… ) we head for Airlie Beach.

On our way, we drove through a rainbow! Isn’t this a sign? Everything is ok no? Airlie Beach got this look of a little heavenly blue lagoon. It’s also a backpacker city but more quiet than Byron Bay. No more little dormitories for us. We decide that from now until the end of the trip, we pay a little more for a little privacy! (Twin Rooms, at least!) From our room we can sea the ocean. We are here in the Withsundays and we’re going upper and upper on the Coast, the water is then bluer and bluer… wonderful ! It’s filled with little bays and sailing boats. Just lovely.

April 12 – Molle Island.
- Dream day! We took a ferry from Shute Arbour and got to this little island called South Molle Island. We expected to reach a popular beach and see lots of people. Not at all! An enormous turtle welcomed us, we walked in the bushes and then got to an arm linking the two parts of the island. Nobody, nothing but pebbles, shells, refreshing rain, winds and clouds but always sun rays warming up again… and in the middle of this, two little naked tourists picking up shells and playing the survivors. We made the most of this peacefull moment of pure liberty and love… intense moments!

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April 13
- A day spent in the surroundings of Airlie Beach with a guide. She brought us to a beach so large we never got to the water! Millions of tiny crabs were hiding in the sands and getting out when they were thinking we weren’t there anymore! We had a walk in a forest where we got up to a huge cascade. At its feet, in the water were a big eel and her friend the turtle. We saw gigantic spiders (at least 25 cm wide) we licked at some ants asses (they carry some sweet sap in a pouch at their back)

April 15 – Cairns !!!
- That’s it ! We did it! We have seen one of the 7 wonders of the world! The Great Barrier Reef! It wasn’t the perfect day for it though… it was windy, rainy and the waves were too big for beginners like us! But it was worth it. Even if the colors of the reefs and the corals weren’t like on the postal cards (the sun is bringing all the colors and he didn’t show up this day) it still was a wonderful experience.
We arrived yesterday night at the “Tropic Days” friendly hostel hosted by a nice couple who traveled around the world. The decoration is just fantastic and warm. It’s clean, cool and lovely. Every night animation is on and games are organized. We rent a lovers room for two nights.

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