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Baroude in Australie - "BUSHLANDS"

Sunday 8 February 2004, by Marieve

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> January 2004 - Baroude in Australia : Author : Marieve

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Tortue de mer en Australie

At 8.00 o’clock in the morning we leave the shore for an hour of boat ride.(apparently, lots of people on the boat weren’t good sailors (sailor foot?) many of them were sick! Haha… I have to tell, the sea was really choppy! For myself, I had the time of my life! Like a figurehead I placed myself at the front and got the waves right in the face! Hop in the water, floating above the sponges, the big fishes , I even got the chance to caress a “dude” turtle who came to say hello! I felt like a mermaid, I would have followed her into the deeps. I even tried (for a little 10 minutes under the

(also, our birthdays)

We had reserved our places aboard two “road trips”. The first one was going to bring us from Cairns to Alice Springs, passing in the bushlands and the desert during 3 days. Then, from Alice Springs, we would ride for another 2 days to see Ayers Rocks and the Olgas.)

April 17th (my birthday)
- Departure from Cairns: A giant bus will travel through the desert with a bunch of tourists, really interesting and our guide Greg is just Lo-ve-ly. We leave quietly the coast crossing some rain forests. In the morning mists, we ride in mountains, we dive in the clouds, we hurtle down hills and valleys, meeting cows and sheeps for at least 2 hours. I never been to Ireland but it looked like landscapes from there. All was green and leafy. The more we would get into the center of Australia, smaller and smaller the vegetation would get. Dryer and dryer would get the soil and it would get golden and orange colors.


We stop by roadhouses to have lunch and bye a soda in the tiniest bar in Australia! Right in the middle of nothing, 4 persons live there, one street and a telephone booth!


Gorge du desert AustralieFirst real stop: Porcupine Gorge; rocks of sedimentary sands forming cool colored superposed layers. Looks like waves in the desert. There are purples oranges ochres browns yellows whites and beiges…
That evening, it was my birthday… I spent it in an “ancient saloon” at Hughenden, a little trucker and traveler village where were found the most complete dinosaurs skeleton. I admired from my porch my first sun set in the desert. I was floating in the pinks of the boundless sky. One had painted a canvas in the sky for me and had put the most warm and beautiful colors …
April 18th (Danny’s birthday)
We follow the bushes, a road more and more arid. We met 4 kangaroos that were racing with our coach. Stop to Winton where they got the record for the longest Road-train. A road-train is a lorry truck with more than 2 wagons sometimes they have more than 8-10 transporting cattle. It’s also here that was created the song “Waltzing Matilda” (sort of an hymn for Aussies telling the story of a Swagman) On our way, we could see eagles, pink cockatoos, emus, lizards (outch, we hurt one) dingoes, sheeps, and many dead kangaroos and cows on the road…

Williams Valley

We stop on a high plateau looking at Willams Valley and the 3 sisters (yes another 3 sisters! Aussies are not creative for their site names) I could hear Lucky Luke’s song playing in my ears. At Python Gorge, yes, we saw a huge python! He had just eat a baby kangaroo and we could see the outline of it in its belly.
Sleep at Boulia, in the middle of nowhere, in a cattle station, under the stars (we were only 3 to do it! The others were scared!) it’s because there is a legend here, a sort of unidentified energy, something looking like two little lights following you. They are called the Min Min lights (Min min is the aboriginal word for light light). We listened quietly to our story teller, our hostess, appreciating a camp fire, a baby kangaroo in my arms….We felt asleep starring at the sky, identifying the Northern Cross above us

(the stars represented on the Australian flag).

Drapeau des aborigène d'Australie

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