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Desktop picture of Trip backpack

Tuesday 2 February 2010, by Cyril

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Trip Backpacker we chose a few pictures to offer you some wallpapers

To download click on the thumbnail you are interested


JPEG - 133.9 kb
Lake of Gaubes in Pyrenees Mountain
Story (in french) :Lac de Gaubes 800x600

JPEG - 57.8 kb
"Pic de Tente" in Pyrenees Mountain
Story (in french) :Pic de Tente 800x600

JPEG - 99.2 kb
Wranglel montains in Alaska
Story : Diaporama Alaska 800x600

JPEG - 115.1 kb
Lake Emerald in Rocky Mountains
Story (in french) : Ouest canadien 800x600
JPEG - 105.1 kb
Story (in french) : Nouvelle de JC en Chine 600x800
JPEG - 142.2 kb
Yosemite Park
Story (in french) : Yosemite Park 800x600

Trees and forests

JPEG - 154.1 kb
Goat in argan tree in Morocco
Story (in french) : Tour du Maroc.. 800x600

JPEG - 309.3 kb
Tree in "Fontaine du Vaucluse"
Story (in french) : Fontaine du Vaucluse 800x1067

JPEG - 121.1 kb
Autumn in Quebec
Story (in french) : Légende d’automne 800x600

JPEG - 229 kb
Bamboo forest in Japan
Story (in french) : Kumamoto 1024x768

JPEG - 127.4 kb
Cherry blossoms in Tokyo
Story (in french) : Tokyo palais impérial 1024x768

JPEG - 183.8 kb
"Les grands jardins" in Quebec
Story (in french) : Grand Jardin 1024x768


JPEG - 128 kb
Desert in Maroc
Story (in french) : Rallye des Gazelles 800x600

JPEG - 97.1 kb
Death Valley
Story : Death Valley 800x600

JPEG - 80.3 kb
Death Valley
Story : Death Valley 800x600


JPEG - 64.9 kb
Pyrenees Mountain France
Picture no download 800x600

JPEG - 115.7 kb
Winter to Quebec
Story : L’hiver au Québec 800x600

JPEG - 94 kb
Glacier in Alaska
Story : Diaporama Alaska 800x600

JPEG - 80.7 kb
Megantic park Quebec
Story (in french) : Parc Mégantic mois... 1024x768


JPEG - 132.9 kb
Story : Calanque de Port-Pin 800x600

JPEG - 86.7 kb
Thaïland Ko Phi Phi
Story (in french) : Vive le sud et ses plages 1024x768

JPEG - 88.7 kb
"Marie Galante"
Story (in french) : Marie Galante Terre... 1024x768

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