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Tokyo - Imperial Palace (Kokyo)

Wednesday 3 February 2010, by Cyril, Dominique

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translated by Dyslexiktortue

Finally, here it is, Tokyo!!! Two and a half hours late (praise Air Canada) but still, here we are at Narita Airport. I thought the shock would hit me as soon as I entered the airport, but it didn’t happen right away.

Narita Airport

Narita Airport

To avoid being stuck in rush hour with our backpacks on the subway, we chose to board a shuttle bus going directly to the Shinagawa train station, closer to our lodging.

From there, we took a cab to whom we gave the adress and Google map of our esperantophone correspondents. Because finding an address in Tokyo is pure madness. The choice we made was a good one because, even with a GPS and continuous telephone feedback, our cab driver had a hard time finding the place. We heard about the helpfulness of japanese cab drivers and, I confirm, this is no mere myth! I can still picture our brave man running in the alley to ask shop owners for directions.

The ensuing contact with our esperantophone correspondents went well. We dindn’t waste time crashing on their futons, japanese style.

Jetlag hit hard the next day. First step in the program: activate our Rail Pass to secure transportation. Then, I have my first shock: a compact mass of people, a constant flow akin to a torrent (for those who can picture it, it’s rush hour at Square Victoria times 2, and that is for single station!)

Shinawaga Station

Map to the Imperial Palace of Tokyo

Agrandir le plan

Once trough this torrent of people and with an activated Rail Pass, we were set for the Imperial Palace (Kyoko), Tokyo exit on the Yamanote circuit, Marunouchi district.

Go to Imperial Palace of Tokyo


It starts right away, the place’s ambience and beauty washes over us.

The palace is only accessible to the public once a year, for the Emperor’s birthday on january the (historically december 23rd)

Cherry trees in full bloom at the Imperial Palace.

Palais impérial cerisier

Cerisier en fleur Tokyo

Attlements of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace

Palais imperial Tokyo

Une des entrées des jardins extérieurs (est) du palais imperial

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